Home Health Aide: A Great Option For An Elderly Loved One’s Care

When a loved one is getting up in age and are no longer able to take care of themselves, deciding how to proceed can be very difficult. Many people’s first thought is to take their loved one into their home and handle the care themselves. You should fully think this through before making this decision.

Elderly woman with Delray Beach home care aideTaking in an elderly parent or grandparent can turn your household upside down. You will need to change more in your life than your loved one would in theirs. If you work for example, that may need to stop, depending on how much care your loved one requires. If they are not able to stay alone all day, you may need to stop working. For many, this is not an option. Being a caregiver for an elderly family member can also put a strain on your social life. Nights out may not be an option when you need to be home to look after an aging loved one. If you have children in the home, bringing your elderly loved one may put a strain on them as well. If you have small children, they will need to be quiet as to not disturb your aging loved one.

Moving an elderly relative into your home can be difficult on them as well. Moving is stressful for anyone, the stress of leaving a home they spent their whole lives in can be increasingly stressful. They may be dealing the the loss of a spouse or the sudden onset of illness. Adding a move to this cause depression and anxiety. You may not have room for all of their things, meaning they will need to part with items which they have treasured their whole lives.

Many elderly people who move in with family member tend to feel a sense of guilt. The feel that they are a burden on their loved ones. This can also lead to depression and anger.

Before deciding to become an elderly loved one’s primary care giver, you should consider home care. Hiring a home care aide will allow your loved one to stay in their own home. This will give them a greater feeling of independence. They will not need to adapt to new surroundings. They can continue on the way they always have. They can live on the same schedule and not worry about disrupting the lives of others.

A home health aide also offers a great level of companionship to an aging loved one. Many people develop trusting relationships with their caregivers. The social interaction provided by a home health aide will avoid loneliness, an issue which plaques many elderly people.

When deciding to hire a home health aide, there are usually worries about finding the right person. You do not to put your loved one in the hands of the wrong person. Most reputable home care agencies and registries require their employees to be licensed and bonded. They also require extensive references and a full background check. This should give you the peace of mind that your loved one is in good hands.

Hiring a home health aide is not only a smart idea for you and your family, it will also greatly benefit your loved one as well.

Boca Home Care Services has been matching qualified home care aides with seniors in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and the many cities in Broward county and Palm Beach county, Florida since 1998. All of our aides receive full background checks, training and supervision through our nursing/social work managerial staff. Call us today to set up a no-obligation, in-home consultation. 561-989-0611 or toll free at 877-706-0785

How a Home Care Aide Can Enhance the Life of a Boynton Beach Senior

If you have an elderly parent in Boynton Beach who wants to continue living in his own home, home care may be the ideal solution.

A home care aide’s primary range of duties involves Activities of Daily Living. Your parent may need help with bathing, dressing, using the toilet, and personal grooming. Aides are trained to help the senior citizen with these everyday routines.

Elderly man in Boytton BeachThe aide will also keep your parent’s home running smoothly. This includes making sure the home is neat and tidy so your parent is healthy and safe. Many aides perform light housekeeping duties, such as taking care of laundry and light cleaning. If your parent needs help with grocery shopping, transportation to a senior activity center, and similar outside errands, these tasks can be part of the job.

Preparing and serving meals can be amongst the aide’s duties. Whether your parent is on a special diet or simply needs basic nutrition, an aide will make sure he has a healthy diet and eats his meals on a regular schedule.

Companionship is an important part of eldercare. Your senior citizen will greatly benefit from having someone to talk to and listen to him. When an aide expresses genuine interest in his concerns and personal stories, he will know he is cared for and important. This special attention is very meaningful to an elderly person who lives alone.

Aides also keep records of seniors’ daily routines and progress. These records are useful to both the senior’s physician and his family. Any changes or problems will be noted, so they can be addressed by his physician.

By law, a home care aide cannot provide skilled nursing services. If your elderly parent requires these types of services, he will need a Registered Nurse or another medical professional. However, from assisting the elderly with exercises to making sure he takes his medication on time, many tasks are within the scope of duties an aide can perform.

The purpose of home care is to allow the senior citizen to have as much independence as possible. Not only are more elderly persons healthier than those in the past, many prefer to live in their own homes. Eldercare makes this possible for large numbers of senior citizens.

Both independence and home care can significantly increase a senior’s overall quality of life. If your parent is reasonably healthy, he may not need to live in a skilled nursing facility. He will have many more benefits from staying at home.

The aide who works through an eldercare registry is fully screened, background checked,  trained and licensed, trustworthy, and dependable. While this is important in any situation, it can help you have confidence and peace of mind if you do not live near your parent. You will know he is receiving the best care.

If you are thinking about home care, it will begin with an in-home assessment. Your parent’s health, home environment, and special needs will be taken into consideration. This visit will help determine the level of care that is right for his particular situation. If he has a medical condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, he will receive customized care. Any questions you may have about eldercare services will be addressed. The courtesy visit will help choose the right caregiver for your parent’s needs.

You can call to schedule a visit or ask any further questions. We want you to be confident that you are making the right decision for your senior parent. Boynton Beach Home Care Services will not only help your loved one have the independence of living at home, you will know his needs are being met when you cannot be there yourself.

Home Care for Delray Beach Seniors

There may come a time in a person’s life when they are unable to do the things that they have done for themselves their entire lives. As a person ages, they do not want to become a burden to their family. However, they may just need a little help getting along. When an elderly person wishes to stay in their own Delray Beach home, living as independently as possible, the solution may be hiring a home care aide.

Elderly Delray Beach WomanBecause this is non-medical care, the ideal situation for a home care aide – senior citizen relationship would be for the senior citizen to be fairly healthy. The aide would not offer medical treatment to the resident, however they could do things like remind them to take their medications and help them with their personal care.

Cost, of course, will play a big role in what direction the elderly person and their family decides to take when it comes to this type of care. While a large agency, or registry may have a higher price tag, the aides working for them have likely undergone extensive background checks. This may offer more peace of mind when a stranger first enters the home.

When hiring an independent caregiver, the family will be required to do the legwork in making sure that the taxes for employment are done correctly as well as the aide’s background being clear. If the family does not have the time needed to accomplish this, paying the higher cost for an aide from an agency/registry may be well worth it.

It is important that everyone involved in making the decision concerning long-term care in a facility versus home health care take an honest look at the situation. Because situations can change over time, it is a good idea to reevaluate the living situation on a regular basis.

Before making the final decision to hire an aide, a meeting should take place to make sure that both sides are comfortable with one another as they will be working very closely together.

During this meeting, the expectations of the care needed should be laid out to be agreed upon. If, after hiring is complete, there is an incompatibility, the family should not be afraid to request another caregiver from the service.

It can be disconcerting to realize that your elderly family member is failing in caring for themselves. However, with the help of a home care aide, they might be able to stay in their own Delray Beach home for a far longer period of time.

Reasons for South Florida Seniors To Hire a Home Care Aide

There are many older adults who do not require medical home care, but they could maintain independence with the assistance of a non-medical home care aide. Home care provided by a non-medical aide is growing in popularity as more baby boomers age but want to live independently. Non-medical caregivers are sought by families for several reasons. Some older adults may live hundreds of miles away from family; others may live near their families, but their adult children are juggling several responsibilities such as caring for children and working full-time. Other elderly adults may have few or no close family members who can step in and assist with caregiving.

For some families hiring a home care aide feels like a leap of faith. However, home care aides go through background and criminal record check to weed out persons who are not trustworthy and who may not have a care recipient’s best interest at heart. Home care agencies seek employees who demonstrate a professional demeanor and compassion. Aides receive special training that covers the various aspects of aging and caregiving. Other qualities that families should expect in a home care aide include punctuality and excellent communication skills.

Some states have specific certification programs for home care aides. In other states, home care aides have successfully completed certified nursing assistant training. However, neither family members nor clients should expect a home care aide to provide any type of clinical or medical care. Home care aides are supervised by professional staff. With all the measures in place to assure quality care, families can go about their routines with fewer worries knowing that a loved one is left in the hands of a competent caregiver. For additional peace of mind, families or clients can always ask for names of persons who can provide a recommendation for the home care aide.

South Florida elderly man and home care aideNon-medical home caregivers may be scheduled to assist an older adult whenever it is convenient. Some older adults may only need a caregiver who can stop in once or twice a week to ensure that personal needs are being met. Others may need assistance with personal care or household chores. Then there are those who benefit from daily visits. In other situations, an older person might enjoy the companionship of a caregiver who spends several hours in the home. In the case of a person who has limited mobility or some physical issues, but who is not seriously ill, having a caregiver in the home around-the-clock might be desired to prevent further disability due to falls or other accidents.

Non-medical caregivers perform a variety of tasks for older persons or others needing some level of non-medical care and supervision. Companion services may include taking clients for short walks or for a fun outing such as a visit to a park or to eat lunch at a favorite restaurant. Caregivers might run errands, pick up groceries or transport clients to medical appointments. Some clients may need the aide to help with household chores, cooking or paying bills. A non-medical caregiver can perform any of these tasks and others as designated by the care recipient and his or her family. Additionally, a home care aide can assist a senior with personal care, including feeding, bathing, dressing, taking medications as prescribed and toileting.

It is important that the home care aide is a good match for the elderly person who needs care. The older person who may need more attention would benefit from a more experienced caregiver. The client who may only need a visit once or twice a week or help with errands might be fine in the hands of a less experienced caregiver.

Hiring a home care aide to assist a South Florida senior makes good sense. It helps those who want to continue living on their own do so with minimal disruption. It is a way to ensure a senior’s safety, especially if he or she takes multiple medications or is susceptible to falling. Many older adults grow to enjoy the companionship of a home care aide and look forward to their visits even if the aide visits only once a week. Hiring a home aide also benefits other family members since it alleviates a lot of the stress associated with family caregiving.

Non Medical Home Care for South Florida Seniors

Elderly South Florida WomanHave you begun worrying about your parents’ safety as they get older? Are you noticing problems that are starting to affect their quality of life? It can be stressful to find options which improve the life of an elderly person while still helping them to maintain their independence.

In the past, in-home services were only provided to people who needed medical attention. A senior citizen suffering from chronic medical condition or life threatening illness was provided with all the services she needed from medical staff. Receiving medical treatment at home can help an elderly person feel more comfortable while still receiving the services they need.

What if your parent does not have any chronic illness, but you feel they could benefit from having home care services? There are actually many non-medical home care services that can help enhance senior life. Choosing the ones your loved one needs will help keep them safe at home while also maintaining their independence. Following are some of the types of non-medical home care services that are available to the elderly.

Aides Help Seniors with Activities of Daily Living

Non-medical home care helps your loved ones with the daily activities that will help keep them healthy and safe. The mornings and nights can be the hardest time on your elderly parent. A home health aide can be there to help them get in and out of bed and during other transfers needed throughout the day.

They can also help with daily living skills that may be difficult for someone who is aging. For example, a home care aide can help them with bathing, brushing teeth and getting dressed. Having this assistance allows many elderly people to stay in their home rather than go into a more restrictive environment.

Home Care Assistants Keeping the Home

For many elderly parents, aging can be a very difficult life transition. Some of the things they used to do have become too hard for them to do on their own. Some people have said that it is hard to come to the realization that you are no longer able to keep a clean home or do simple chores around the house.

A non-medical home care aide can help your parents by cleaning up the home. They can do laundry and change the sheets. For many elderly people, this can be such a huge help that takes a burden off their shoulders. Many aides will also allow your parents to help with these chores when appropriate. Staying active and involved can help the elderly maintain their sense of pride and accomplishment.

A home care aide can also provide meals to your parents or other aging relative. You can find someone who will cook the meals in the home. Another option is to have meals delivered to the home on a regular basis. You can have hot meals served or choose frozen meals which can be heated up easily.

Non-Medical Home Care for Medication Management

As a person ages, he may begin to forget things. Most of the time, it is not a big deal. However, when it comes to forgetting to take medication, it can be very dangerous and life threatening. An elderly person may either skip their medications altogether or not remember if they took them and take an extra dose. That is where non-medical home care can keep your parents safe. They can ensure your parents have the right medication and dosage at the right times.

Home Care Aides Can Run Errands

For many elderly people, losing the ability to drive can make daily life difficult. Fortunately, there are services that can run errands for them. For example, they can do grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions and run other errands. Some services will take the client with them to shop. Others will buy the necessary items and bring them to the home with them.

Home Care Provides Companionship

One of the most important things an elderly person needs is companionship. Home care services can provide companionship for your parents. They will help them engage in their favorite hobbies such as gardening or baking. They will spend time playing games and having fun with them. For many seniors, having someone to talk with can help keep their mind alert. There are even services that can take your parents to fun activities like bingo, concerts and the park.

Hiring a home health aide to come into your parents’ home can be a very difficult decision. The good news is that in-home services can do a lot to enhance and improve the life of a senior. There are many different tasks that they can do to maintain the client’s safety while allowing them to remain in their home.

For the finest, screened, trained and highly qualified home care aides:

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The Advantages of a Home Care Aide for Boca Raton Seniors

Many Boca Raton seniors and their loved ones are understandably weary when it comes to home care, but there may come a time in which a home care aide becomes necessary. In many cases, having a home care worker is the best way a senior can maintain some piece of independence while receiving the assistance they need for day to day tasks. For an elderly person who does not have many hindrances, a home care aide can bring an added measure of safety and security.

Home Care for Mobility

Boca Raton Home Care Aide and Senior

One of the most prominent reasons a senior living in Boca Raton may need a home care assistant is because of mobility issues. A home care assistant can help a senior with many levels of mobility issues from joint troubles with arthritis to wheelchair use. Home care workers can take care of simple tasks such as retrieving items from high places like cabinets or cooking meals. Some assistants even have to run errands for patients who no longer drive.

Some assistants may also have to help seniors perform other tasks such as grooming and bathing. Assistants who handle this type of intimate care not only need to know how to gently work with someone who may be fragile, but also need to know how to make patients feel safe and secure under their care. A senior who still needs to feel some measure of independence should receive the necessary help but also be reassured that his or her independence is not threatened in any way. This means the assistant also needs to know when to step aside and let seniors take care of themselves.

Home Care for Mental Incapacity

Home care workers also need to know how to make distinctions among mental capabilities regardless of whether or not a senior has mobility issues. Sometimes seniors have short term dementia issues in which they still recognize family members but may forget what they did the day before. In this case, assistants need to help seniors in a way that reassures them that they still have their independence but can be safe and secure with some help around the house.

Home Care for Medication

Many seniors also need medication for a variety of reasons such as high blood pressure or heart disease. Some seniors may be resistant to medication while others may have troubles keeping up with when to take their medication and how much they need to take with each session. A Boca Raton home care assistant will need to help the senior take medication on time as well as make sure the patient does not take more or less than required.

Home Care for Recovery

Sometimes seniors only need temporary care after catastrophic events such as broken bones or an episode like a heart attack. With this in mind, home care assistants need to have some training in physical therapy that will help seniors recover from injuries and internal damage. During recovery, the senior may need help with anything from feeding to walking and may also require medication for pain and recovery, but the assistant should also work toward helping the senior adjust to performing these tasks independently again.

Home Care for Companionship

In some cases, seniors do not have any mental or physical incapacities. However, some seniors begin to lose friends and peers their age and still need some type of companionship. Home care workers not only keep seniors company, but they also can still provide other caretaking services when necessary. This may be especially important for a senior who lives alone after losing a spouse or other loved one. Caretakers have to fill these empty companionship spaces, help out when needed and make sure seniors take care of themselves.

Many seniors worry about losing their independence once they reach a certain age. However, they may also realize the advantage of having someone else around the house. As some seniors lose mobility and access, they can use an assistant for help. Those with diminishing mental faculties may need someone to help keep track of day to day needs such as food and medication. Some seniors may also just need temporary help while recovering from surgery or other conditions while some simply need companionship. In any case, in Boca Raton and the surrounding cities, it is possible to retain some degree of independence.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Care Aide

When your mom and dad start to struggle with day-to-day activities because of old age, the responsibility lies on you and your siblings to decide. Should you send them to an assisted living institution or should you let them stay at home where they are most comfortable? Over the recent years more and more families have decided on the latter option mainly because parents want to live where they are most comfortable. For Miami seniors, living at home through old age has its challenges but it also allows them the freedom and independence that they need.

This is why the trend in elderly care has shifted to a different direction nowadays. There are now a growing number of agencies and registries that offer home care for the elderly and the industry is projected to grow even bigger in the years to come. Home care aides are given the task of assisting the elderly in their daily activities such as bathing, dressing, cooking meals, cleaning the home and taking care of medications. Elderly Man and Woman

One of the most important considerations to think about when hiring an aide is to make sure that she is properly trained to take care of everything that your parents need. There are now many agencies and registries offering the same services so before you settle on one agency or registry you have to do extensive research first. Remember that you will be leaving the welfare of your parents into the hands of this aide so you would only want the most reliable and most efficient person to care for them. During your research make sure to take down notes and take into consideration several aspects of the company’s services.

These are some vital questions to ask before hiring a home care aide for your loved one through an agency:

1.) For how long has your agency been in the business?

This is an important question to ask because there are now so many agencies popping out almost everywhere and although they may look promising on their website or on newspaper ads, they may not have the same expertise and experience that more established agencies have. Go for agencies and registries that have been serving families for several number of years. You will have the peace of mind in knowing that this company has the experience to back them up and that they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to training aides for the elderly.

2.) Are your workers insured?

Make sure that the company you work with has complete insurance coverage ranging from Professional and General liability, Dishonesty bond, non-onwed auto, and worker’s compensation policies. You would want to have protection because you would not want to end up paying for the home care aide’s medical bills in case something happens to them while they are caring for your parents.

3.) Do you do background investigation on your aides?

This is probably the most important question that you will need to ask the agency. There are so many suspicious characters that look for jobs as home care aides and it would probably make you shudder to think that they might be the ones who will end up caring for your senior parents. Ask the agency about the process that they go through in doing a background investigation on their employees. Do they investigate the person’s past employments in the last three to five years? If the agency can provide you with a written reference check report that would definitely be a plus.

4.) Do your employees get training and assistance from a licensed or a registered nurse?

Well-established agencies employ a nurse in their team to give additional training and education to caregivers. Before an aide is assigned to a home, they will learn to identify different safety hazards, recognize health symptoms, establish and follow basic hygiene standards and many more. Having a nurse on hand will also assure you that when your parents will require special medical attention they are just a phone call away to provide the elderly with what they need.

5.) How do you go about your recruitment and hiring process?

Agencies with good reputation often have minimum requirements for candidates who want to become caregivers. They will require them to have a certain number of years of experience under their belt and they will have to go through a face-to-face interview that allows the agency to check their demeanor. Only go for those agencies that have strict standards in terms of their recruitment process so that you know they only hire the best caregivers to send to care for your parents.

6.) Can I set an appointment with you?

Conducting your research over the phone will not be enough to assure you that you are dealing with a reliable home care registry. It would be best for you to visit their office so that you can talk to them personally and assess how organized their operations are.

The process of hiring a home care aide may be very tedious and time consuming. Remember however, that you are looking for a person to take care of your beloved parents on a full time basis. You would want only the best for them and you would want the peace of mind in knowing that they are given proper care and attention while you are at work. Doing extensive research may be hard work but the rewards of finding a reliable, kind and efficient aide for your parents are more than worth all your time and effort. To simplify your task and to quickly and safely find a screened, trained and experienced home care aide for Miami, Miami Beach and the the surrounding cities of Dade county call Jewish Home Care Services of Miami Dade at: (305) 534-5055 and setup a conference in the phone, or  in the comfort  of your or your loved one’s home.